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Jul 29 2015

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Broad parkland at the heart of Roppongi.

Daimyo's garden is now open for everyone!

Tokyo Midtown is an urban complex in Roppongi comprised of hotels, museums, stores and offices.

The site was the villa residence of daimyo, the feudal lord, of the Mori Family during the Edo Period (1603 ~ 1868).

Its garden was praised as one of the best among many remarkable daimyos' gardens in the city of Edo.


Today, it is reborn as a public space, the Midtown Garden and Hinokicho Park, and enjoyed by people visiting the town.

You can enjoy the garden as you like: taking a stroll down the green path or lying down on the grass.


There is a beautiful Japanese-style rest house.


Roppongi is popular among people looking for an urban atmosphere.

But don't miss another aspect of the town - a great get-away in the middle of Tokyo!


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