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Only Valley in Tokyo's 23 Wards

Jul 20 2015

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Little getaway to cool valley in Todoroki 

Do you know there is a valley in Tokyo? The only valley in Tokyo's 23 wards, Todoroki Valley, is easily accessible. From Shibuya station, take Toyoko line to Jiyugaoka, then change to Oimachi line to get to Todoroki Station. The whole trip takes only 15 minutes!


Just a few minutes' walk will take you to the valley from Todoroki station.

Once you come to the south side of the station, look for a big tree. Turn to the right to find a red bridge (Golf Bridge). At its foot, there is an entrance (stairs) to the valley.

Down the valley you will find plenty of shade! Babbling stream helps removing heat from the air.


There is a path stretching along the stream - approximately one kilometre in length - that leads you to must-see sights like the ancient tomb, Todoroki Fudo Temple and a Japanese garden (free entrance). 

Why don't you step out of asphalt pavements and get relief from the heat in Todoroki valley?


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