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Fantastical Lights that Guide the Spirits

Aug 13 2015

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A peaceful moment during the Obon season.

"Toro Nagashi" is one of the traditional events during Obon, when we welcome the spirits of the dead.

The lanterns are believed to guide them back to the other world at the end of the Obon season.


Faint light of lanterns floating in the river gives us a peaceful moment to think about and console the spirits of our ancestors.

The exact dates of the Obon season vary regionally, but mostly in mid-August.


"Asakusa Summer Night Festival - Toro Nagashi" is the most well-known event of the season in Tokyo.

This year, it is scheduled to be held on August 15th, Saturday, from 6:45pm to around 8pm.

The lanterns will be released at Azuma-bashi Shinsui Terrace, near Asakusa Station/ Azuma Bridge.


Why not take a moment to appreciate fantastical lights as you stroll along the Sumida River?

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