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Climbing Mt. Fuji in Tokyo!

Aug 25 2015

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Can't afford to go to Mt. Fuji but want to climb it? Here's the solution!

You don't have time to go all the way toward Mt. Fuji.

Or you are short on physical strength to do so.

Whatever the drawbacks are, "Fujizuka" will fulfil your wish!


What are "Fujizuka"?

They are mounds/ small mountains that represent Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.


They were built in the Kanto region (in and around Tokyo) in Edo period so that people can experience Mt. Fuji without having to travel to the iconic mountain. People of that time believed that they would have the equal chance of experiencing divine favours of making a pilgrimage to Mt. Fuji by climbing the faux one.


Today I am introducing "Shinagawa Fuji" - one of the biggest Fujizuka in Tokyo! 

Standing at 15 metres in height, Shinagawa Fuji at Shinagawa Shrine is one of seven major Fujizuka in Tokyo.


You will find the first marker toward the top right after you start climbing. Climbing further up, you will soon reach the second and the third one.


The path is narrow and we must watch where we walk.

There are steep steps before we reach the summit...

... in five minutes!


You don't need to be an expert alpinist to climb all the way to the top and enjoy this great view!


Behind the Fujizuka you will find "Sengen Shrine" just as there is a Sengen Shrine behind the real mount Fuji. 

There are more "Mt. Fuji in Tokyo" for you to challenge.

Why not set out on a tour to visit them all?


- Meguro Fuji (Kami-Meguro Hikawa Shrine in Meguro ward)  12 m

- Ooizumi Fuji (Yasaka Shrine in Nerima ward) 8 m

- Sendagaya Fuji (Hatonomori Shrine in Shibuya ward) 7 m

- Komagome Fuji (Komagome Fuji Shrine in Bunkyo ward) 6 m

- Jujo Fuji (Jujo Fuji Shrine in Kita ward) 6 m

- Sunamachi Fuji (Tomigaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Koto ward) 5 m



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