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Sep 11 2015

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Traditional and Modern: whichever you like!

Tokyo has an extensive subway network, offering tourists reasonable and convenient way to travel around the city.


Subway, however, may not be a favourite choice for travellers who like to see the scenery passes by outside the window. While on a subyway, would you just give up and fiddle with your smartphone until you get to your destination?


Now, take a moment and look out of window when you pass through the stations.

You will notice many of them decorate their walls in their own unique way.

These are on the walls of Namboku Line's platform at Tameike-sanno Station.

The murals, possibly derived from the traditional craft, offer passengers a great opportunity to appreciate Japanese sensibility to colour and design.


You can find another form of art...

... like this one at Iidabashi Station, over the escalator reaching the platform of Oedo Line.


Next time you are in Tokyo, why not travel on subways and enjoy pieces of public art?

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