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Shrine on a Street Corner: Nihonbashi

Oct 05 2015

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Wish yourself good luck to win the lottery!

Fukutoku Shrine is less than a minute walk away from Chuo dori street where the famous bronze lion statue greets guests in front of "Mitsukoshi," Japan's oldest department store.


The shrine is said to have been established here in Nihonbashi, the busy commercial centre flourished in the era of Tokugawa Shogunate, as early as in the 9th century.


Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa dynasty, and his predecessors often made pilgrimage to the shrine. It was even permitted to issue the "Shogunate-authorised lottery" to collect funds for the restoration after it was continually damaged by fire.

Today, many visit Fukutoku Shrine to wish themselves good luck to win the lottery.


The neighbourhood was already bustling during the Tokugawa period (Edo period) with restaurants stood side by side along the alley called "Ukiyo Shoji" - the alley of the floating world/ momentary and worldly pleasures. You may be familiar with the word "Ukiyo-e," woodblock prints and paintings blossomed at that time.

Nihonbashi has been undergoing the extensive redevelopment. The area adjoining Fukutoku Shrine will be transformed into a plaza space, "Fukutoku no Mori" (provisional name). It is indeed nice to relax under the tree and feel the change of seasons, escaping from the busy street.


Fukutoku Shrine Website (English page)

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