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Souvenir from 100 Yen Shop - Can Do -

Oct 16 2015

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Top five selected by Tokyo Re-Discovery contributors

A 100 Yen Shop, or Hyakkin, has been popular among foreign tourists looking for souvenirs from Japan. Wide array of popular items are all sold at the incredible price of 100 yen. Our "top five" items today came from Can Do, a Hyakkin store perfect to find bargains.


Many go to Can Do for its wide selection of simple items, but it is also where you can find unique products. They have a good selection of Japanese-inspired items like souvenir shops at tourist spots.

Recommendation no.1: Sake cup. A beautiful, wide-mouthed "sakazuki" serves many purposes.


Pour some water (not Sake) to arrange flowers or use as a tray for your accessories/ coins... the colour is so "Japanesque" it will be a great reminder of Japan.

If you prefer something more practical, how about a fan? It is a must-have item in hot and humid summer in Tokyo. Maybe you have seen "salarymen (business people)" wearing suits fanning themselves on the train. If you are to buy one at the specialty stores in Asakusa or at the department store, it often costs you between 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen. If you are willing to find cheaper options, go to Hyakkin! Look at this pretty fan. Needless to say, it was only 100 yen. As reasonable as it is, you can casually give it to a little one who is more likely to break it...


Another "practical" gift we like is a towel. Many say towels you can buy in Japan are of high quality, and the ones from Hyakkin are no exception! Pictured here is a quick dry microfiber towel. Isn't the colour of a loquat/ Japanese medlar beautiful? 

If you are looking for gifts for men, how about this little purse with a metal clasp? It's perfect for carrying coins and keys. There are also the ones is different colours, so why not buy a pair for "him and her"?


When you think of Japan, you think of Mt. Fuji! So don't forget to find "Mt. Fuji" items before making payment. Do you like this mini-Fuji memo holder? We've been unable to find a "Great Buddha" memo holder that we heard some Can Do store stock...


If you want to spot one, rush to Can Do now! 

How did you like "Top five from 100 Yen Shop" selected by Tokyo Re-Discovery contributors? There are so many more items we wish we could put on the list. Do visit Can Do and spot great souvenirs from Japan!



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