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Shrine on a Street Corner: Toranomon

Oct 19 2015

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Integrated with a high-rise? A shrine in a business district.

Since the completion of the Toranomon Hills high-rise, Toranomon - one of Tokyo’s central business districts - has entered the spotlight. Kotohiragu is a shrine in Toranomon standing as if it is integrated with an office building.

Entering the torii gateway, you will soon find a beautiful kaguraden (hall for sacred music and dance).

If your schedule permits, visit the shrine on the 10th for the regular monthly ceremony.

Two small shrines are located behind the main pavilion.

Pictured here is a Musubi Shrine worshiped by young women looking for a good match.

First, purchase a special "matchmaking" package at the shrine office.

Next, take a red string out of the package and tie it to a nearby wire

... and pray! 


A sacred place in a business district. Why not pay a visit and make a wish? 

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Born and grew up in downtown Tokyo, she is the true lover of Tokyo’s traditional & unique culture. She does researches as she finds something interesting on streets.

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