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Souvenir from 100 Yen Shop - Daiso -

Oct 26 2015

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Top five selected by Tokyo Re-Discovery contributors

A 100 Yen Shop, or Hyakkin, has been popular among foreign tourists looking for souvenirs from Japan. Wide array of popular items are all sold at the incredible price of 100 yen. Our "top five" items today came from Daiso, a Hyakkin store popular for its unique and witty gadgets.



Recommendation no.1: a brush head for a PET bottle


Do you know what this is for? Look how the brush is cut. It's perfect to clean the sash tracks!

Find an empty plastic (PET) bottle. Fill it with water and attach the head. Water comes out of the bottle as you sweep the sash tracks with the brush. Isn't it nice you can keep your hands clean?! 

Recommendation no.2: a stylus touch pen for smart phones


Are you a heavy user of a smartphone and worried about the damage to your nails as you touch the screen? Then use this stylus pen instead of your fingers. It's small and can be attached to a smartphone's headphone jack: easy to carry around with your phone! Decorated with crystals, it's so kawaii (cute)! I am sure it will make a perfect gift.

Recommendation no.3: a calligraphy pen


If you are looking for something that is "typically Japanese," how about a calligraphy pen? Traditionally Japanese have used fude brushes and sumi inksticks for writing. You may want to try shodo Japanese calligraphy but feel reluctant to buy a set of fude and inksticks, especially if you are a traveller staying temporarily in Japan.


If that is the case, get this calligraphy pen. The tip is designed like a brush so you can write letters as if you are using a fude brush, not a pen. It comes in very handy - we Japanese use one often for ceremonial occasions for which we customarily put a congratulatory/ condolence gift in an envelope and write our names on it with fude and sumi.

Recommendation no.4: a neck cooling scarf


The summer in Tokyo is notoriously described as "unbearably hot and humid" by many foreign tourists. If you have a plan to walk around in Tokyo in summer, first go to one of Hyakkin stores to check their large selection of items that will help you stay cool.


This plain-looking scarf has a secret: it is filled with water absorber. Dip it in water, and it's ready to keep your neck cool. Definitely a must-have to survive summer in Tokyo!

Recommendation no.5: a pair of boots keeper


Isn't it difficult to keep your boots upright after you take them off? There are a variety of "boot shapers/ keepers" available in the market. While many are fat and bulky, this pair from Daiso are lightweight and can be flatten out for easy storage. You can carry them in your suitcase to keep your boots in shape during your travels!


How did you like our selection? Are you ready to shop at Daiso now?

The store has so much more to offer. Enjoy your treasure hunting!

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