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Tokyo Offbeat Café: Meet a Priest

Nov 13 2015

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Detox with healthy and tasty meals and conversation with a priest!?

Tokyo has a variety of café. Today I am taking you to the one with a unique concept.


This is "tera café" - a "temple" café where you can meet priests.


You may think you need to visit a temple if you want to talk with priests.

Not necessarily if you come to this cozy café with outside seats in Daikanyama, a popular shopping district dotted with stylish café and boutiques.

Priests in Daikanyama... what an unexpected combination!

This "tera café" is a modern equivalent of "safe haven," set up with an aim to create opportunities for young people to freely tell priests about their worries as well as to come into contact with Buddhism and its culture.

Daikanyama is a great location for sure: you can casually drop in the café as you enjoy shopping in the neighbourhood.


Priests come to your table to take your order and bring your food! This makes it even easier for you to talk to them, doesn't it?

Talking with priests is not only reason to visit "tera café."

Here you can enjoy healthy and delicious Japanese-style meals based on Shojin Ryori: the Buddhist cuisine.

Shojin Ryori is vegetarian, however you can enjoy meat and alcohol beverages here at "tera café"!

Meals, desserts, drinks... you can enjoy your time at "tera café" just as you please.


They have English menu.

Also on their website are sermons (religious discourses) in English.

Reading the articles may help you acquire greater experience when you visit temples next time.


A café with a unique concept. Isn't that tempting?


tera café


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