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Shrine on a Street Corner: Ginza

Dec 07 2015

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Creative inventions to make your prayers heard without sweat

Ginza is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated districts in Tokyo. In this shopper's paradise, you will unexpectedly come across shrines as you walk past department stores and boutiques.


Today, we are visiting one of them: Asahi Inari Shrine.

Within a few minutes' walk from the Ginza 3-chome crossing on the main street (Chuo-dori) toward Tsukiji, you will find red banners of the shrine. The hall of worship is on the ground floor: throw your coin in to the offering box and ring the bell. Then, get on the elevator to visit the main shrine on the 8th floor.

You don't have time to head up to the roof?

Don't worry! There is a pipe filled with soil between the top and the ground floors of the building, which should be interpreted that the main shrine, that is actually on the top floor, is on the ground.


There are also an empty pipe (the silver one) on the facade of the building and a speaker on the roof to convey the sound of the bell and clapping from the hall of worship up to the main shrine!

The shrine gives luck for prosperous business, the well-being of one's family and better fortune. It is renowned for the ability to fulfil the wishes of worshippers coming from all parts of the country.


Why not visit a shrine in the middle of Ginza to check the "devices" to alleviate the problem of lack of space in a big city?


Asahi Inari Shrine

3-8-10 Ginza, Tokyo (Asahi Building)


*Closed on Sundays and national holidays

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