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Christmas and New Year Illumination in Tokyo - Tokyo Tower

Dec 04 2015

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A major sightseeing spot presenting a different face

Winter has come. It's time for illumination events in Tokyo.

In various districts, you will find light-up festivals featuring unique themes.


Today we are going classic - to the Tokyo Tower, a major sightseeing spot.

If you have come to Tokyo before, you may already have visited the classic symbol of the city, or seen the tower from a distance.


Tokyo Tower is lit up throughout the year, but during the cold seasons, it gets an extra boost featuring special winter illuminations! Enjoy the combination of a bright tower and fantastically-designed illuminations.

"Tokyo Tower Winter Fantasy  #1 Orange Illuminations"

= Dates/ Times =

3 November 2015 (Tuesday) until 29 February 2016 (Monday)

From 16:00 until 24:00


At the very foot of Tokyo Tower, you will find a variety of light displays.

From December 1st (Tuesday) until 25th (Friday), they will feature a special illumination show titled "Tokyo Tower Christmas Light-Down Story."


There is a popular saying that goes "if you see Tokyo Tower's lights turned off at midnight with your lover, you two will be happy together forever."

To give more couples such opportunities during the cold season, the lights are switched off one more time at 7:30 p.m. to be replaced by a pink heart-shaped display lit at the main observatory and brilliant flash of light connecting the observatory down to the ground along the Christmas songs.


Why not revisit Tokyo Tower now in winter for the special illuminations?


Tokyo Tower Illumination

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