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Enjoy Yokocho Alleys with Your Kids!

Feb 20 2015

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You don't have to be a drunkard:

visit Yokocho at lunch hour!

In Japan, there are countless Yokocho: alleyways with small bars.

Watching Japanese businessmen drawn to the dim light of red lanterns - like moths to candles - will give you an idea of what Japanese culture is like. Regrettably, most bars on Yokocho open only at night… totally child-unfriendly. 


But “Harmonica Yokocho” on the north side of Kichijoji station (JR Chuo line/ Inokashira line) is different.


As many as 100 bars and stores are lined up along the small alleys like the mouthpiece of a harmonica, many of which are, much to the joy of moms and dads, open at lunch hour.

I am sure your kids will enjoy their lunch at the 30 years old Chinese restaurant or stylish Spanish bar while you also have the choice of traditional Japanese izakaya with red lanterns. 


Dear parents, do not hesitate to try Yokocho!


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