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Attention to What's Invisible

Jun 23 2015

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Even shoe insoles must be Kawaii in Tokyo! 

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recommendation from Rocky

Edokko, native Tokyoites, say you must pay attention to what's invisible to others to be truely chic. 

Take linings of Han-eri, a decorative collar for kimono, for example.

They are not visible while you put on your kimono.

Edokko would choose fancy and sometimes flashy fabrics for the linings to casually express their personalities as they take off their kimono --- this is the spirit of "Iki" (chic, stylish)!


If you wish to play "iki" in a simple and modern way, why don't you change the insoles of your pumps to something more personal?

They are not to be seen while you walk around.

You will flash the lovely fabric as you take off your shoes... just like an Edokko!

You can find a variety of insoles at 100 Yen Shops.

Reasonable as they are, you are free to try many variations!

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Her name may sound tough but she is, in fact, a girly girl who loves trendy & Kawaii items! She checks on the up-to-date information to keep pace with the trend in Tokyo.

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